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How to choose a good pot

Release time:2019-10-23 14:40:00 Clicks:
Good utensils, lid and body are carefully polished to ensure that they are tightly closed without any gap. Excellent sealing and thick lid can accelerate the heat convection in the pot, make the food quickly and evenly heated, and retain more moisture and nutrients in the food. The layer structure of the bottom of the pot should be evenly distributed.

The key to a pot is the bottom. For a good pot, its bottom structure should be evenly distributed. In this way, the characteristics of strong heat gathering and fast and uniform heat conduction can be taken into account, making cooking easier to control, and retaining more food nutrition and delicious materials with multi-layer composite alloy structure as the best.

There are three layers, five layers and seven layers in the composite alloy structure. The more layers, the more complex the fabrication process. In the general composite alloy structure, there are two layers of 18 / 8 stainless steel sandwiched with other kinds of metals. The high-tech technology is used for one-time forming, so that the pot is evenly heated and the heat conduction is fast, and the food will not be burnt due to the high temperature of a single point in the pot, and it is not easy to produce oil smoke.

Instructions for use of stainless steel pots and pans:

The cooker shall match the diameter of the cooker, and the cleaning method shall be proper:
After using the pot, clean it in time. When cleaning, use neutral detergent, sponge or flexible dishcloth; steel wire ball, hard cleaning cloth or decontamination powder can only be used to clean the inner wall, bottom, handle, ear and other accessories of the pot, not to clean the mirror surface of the pot, so as to avoid scratching; when encountering stubborn stains, add a little vinegar to clean; after washing the pot, Wipe the water in the pot as much as possible to prevent watermark. When cooking, ensure that the pots and pans can be placed on the furnace surface stably; when using the gas furnace, the fire should not spread over the edge of the bottom of the boiler; when using the electric furnace, pay attention to that the size of the pots and pans should not be less than the size of the furnace surface. It is not suitable to contact acid and alkali substances for a long time, which contain a lot of electrolytes. If they are kept for a long time, they will corrode the stainless steel.