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Kitchen precautions

Release time:2019-10-23 14:39:18 Clicks:
Living at home, the kitchen is indispensable. Cooking, washing dishes and washing dishes are all realized in the kitchen. Whether there is lampblack in the indoor air is also related to whether the kitchen range hood is closed or not. Therefore, kitchen decoration should be paid attention to.

1. If the cooking frequency at home is very high, try to give up the open kitchen during decoration and construction, and there will be lampblack problem.

2. The construction of concealed works such as toilets and kitchens should follow: small water treasure, hot water comes quickly, because it is more convenient to use.

3. The suction of Chinese style is stronger than that of European style when purchasing household products of range hood, and the European style is not good-looking.

4. The power socket can be installed as much as possible, otherwise there are tow boards all over the house. This is particularly important in the construction of hydropower concealed works.

5. If it's not someone who doesn't cook, it's best to install air conditioner in the kitchen decoration precautions.

6. Precautions for kitchen decoration: the flue hasn't been knocked out. Now as long as someone cooks in the building, the range hood must be turned on at the same time, or the smell of lampblack will be full of the room.

7. The faucet of the vegetable basin must be able to be turned on and off by the back of the hand. It's not easy for those who have to use their fingers to keep clean. It's also difficult to turn the faucet when there's oil on their hands.

8. I don't think the trash can in the cupboard is practical enough, so I'd better put it outside. Do not install the door type garbage can and the table top garbage can. It will stink to open the door in summer. It's better to put the garbage can outside.

9. Before the valve of flue is installed back, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the valve piece can be opened and closed freely, or it will affect the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. You can leave two pieces of ceiling without installation, and install the ceiling after the lampblack machine is installed and tested correctly.

10. There should be a back board under the artificial stone of the cabinet.

11. Precautions for kitchen decoration: if the kitchen is decorated into a white cabinet, it will be difficult to clean in the future and easy to turn yellow except for its good-looking appearance.
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