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Safety knowledge of kitchen appliances in Hotel

Release time:2019-10-23 14:41:06 Clicks:
1. The gas and fuel oil pipelines and valves in the kitchen must be inspected regularly to prevent leakage. In case of leakage of fuel gas, close the valve first, ventilate in time, and prohibit using any open fire and starting power switch.

2. The gas cylinders in the kitchen shall be managed together, and there shall be enough space from the high temperature surface such as lamps or open fire, so as to prevent the gas cylinders from being baked and exploded at high temperature, causing the leakage of combustible gas and causing fire. The cooker in the kitchen shall be installed on incombustible materials, with enough space between it and combustible materials to prevent burning combustible materials.

3. When frying food, the oil in the pot shall not exceed two thirds of the oil pot, and attention shall be paid to prevent water drops and sundries from falling into the oil pot, resulting in oil spilling and fire. At the same time, the oil pan should be heated with warm fire to prevent the oil pan from fire caused by excessive fire and oil temperature.

4. The walls near the kitchen utensils, lampblack hoods and other easily polluted places shall be cleaned every day, and the lampblack pipes shall be cleaned at least once every six months.

5. The electrical facilities in the kitchen shall be laid in strict accordance with China's technical specifications, and the phenomenon of "replacing copper with aluminum" is strictly prohibited. The electrical circuit laid in the kitchen shall be laid in the open or in the dark with insulated conductor through rigid PVC plastic pipe or steel pipe. When the pipe orifice and the pipe are connected with the pipe, and the pipe is connected with other accessories, corresponding fire prevention measures shall be taken, or the porcelain bottle open wire laying and lead leather wire and plastic sheath wire shall be used. The electrical switch, socket and other electrical equipment used in the kitchen shall be closed type, so as to prevent water from infiltrating from the outside, and shall be installed far away from the gas and liquefied gas stoves, so as to avoid the sparks caused by the opening of the gas and liquefied gas combustion. All kinds of mechanical equipment running in the kitchen shall not be overloaded with electricity, and attention shall be paid to prevent the electrical equipment and lines from getting damp during use.

6. All kinds of cooking utensils used in the kitchen shall be qualified products inspected by China's quality inspection department, and unqualified utensils shall not be selected for being cheap. At the same time, these instruments should be operated in strict accordance with regulations to prevent accidents.

7. The kitchen shall be equipped with fire blanket to put out all kinds of oil pot fires. In addition, the kitchen should also be equipped with a certain amount of ABC dry powder fire extinguisher facilities, and should be placed in an obvious place for emergency needs.

8. The operator shall close all gas and fuel valves in time, cut off the air source and fire source before leaving.

9. Inform the security department to conduct fire safety inspection before closing the market every day.

10. Strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations of huofa hotel. Kitchen staff should operate the cooker and other equipment according to the operation procedures. In case of fire, disability and other safety accidents in the Department, they shall be given oral warning, written warning, final warning and dismissal according to the seriousness of the case. In case of a malignant accident, the party involved in the accident and the relevant person in charge shall be punished seriously. The hotel reserves the right to investigate the criminal responsibility.

11. Manage the dangerous goods warehouse according to the hotel safety management regulations.

12. If the head chef is the fire safety principal of the Department, the fire safety principal of the Department shall be responsible for any responsible accident.
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