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Kitchen layout

Release time:2019-10-23 14:38:34 Clicks:
1. The key to determine the operation sequence of the kitchen and the corresponding equipment configuration and kitchen layout is to make effective use of empty space, place various equipment purposefully, try to improve various functions and arrange the operation sequence reasonably.

2. The functional area of the kitchen and the working triangle kitchen can be divided into three working areas according to their functions: storage, preparation and cooking. The storage area is the place for storing food and tableware, including the refrigerator and cabinets for storing all kinds of tableware. In order to make the operation smooth and convenient, the storage area should be as close to the entrance as possible. The preparation area is put here. Before the meal, it is used to wash dishes, cut vegetables, and prepare ingredients. After the meal, it is used to wash dishes and clean up residues. There are many common products and kitchenware, so it is convenient to take and place dishes. The main equipment is washing basin. Garbage cans, operation desks and cabinets are also equipped with water heaters, microwave ovens, disinfecting cabinets, dishwashers, etc. in order to facilitate lighting, the washing basins should generally be arranged near the windows. Cooking area shall be equipped with cooking utensils, cooking utensils cabinets, ventilation and smoke exhaust devices and shelves or hangers for condiments. People's activities among the three areas naturally form a triangular corridor connection. In order to achieve the convenience and fluency of kitchen use, the distance between the three should be short and not repeated, while maintaining a reasonable distance to avoid mutual interference.

3. The laying position and rationality of the kitchen water and electricity pipeline are very important. The kitchen cabinet company should be required to provide the fitter with a thoughtful and detailed water and electricity Commission drawing.

4. Select appropriate scale and design according to ergonomics, which can avoid operation fatigue, inconvenient picking and easy collision. The height of the operation platform shall be based on the principle that the housewife's fingers touch the bottom of the washing basin when standing. 780-850mm is recommended. The height of the cupboard shall not affect the operation of the table, so that it is convenient to take and place the items in the cupboard. It is recommended that the bottom of the hanging cabinet be 700-750mm away from the operation table. The depth of the operation table shall be convenient for operation, and 450-600mm is recommended for equipment installation and storage. The depth of the hanging cabinet shall not touch or affect the operation, and the storage capacity shall be considered. 250-300 mm is recommended.

5. Color and light. Generally speaking, the kitchen with large space and sufficient lighting can use light absorbing color, that is, cold color, low brightness and small color. On the contrary, the kitchen with small space and insufficient lighting is suitable for the reflective color with warm color, high brightness and large color.

6. The kitchen design should be harmonious with the hall.