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Kitchen equipment itself is not a high-tech product

Release time:2019-10-23 14:37:56 Clicks:
In the competition of domestic kitchen equipment industry, we have to pay attention to the momentum of international brands, i.e. "foreign" brands attacking cities and plundering places. The design of foreign brands, the purchasing cost of materials, the ability of image communication, the ability of customer relationship management, as well as the mature ability of value chain management and the ability of overall cost management and operation are all examples and pressures for domestic manufacturers to learn from. To find the direction of development in the gap, but also to find the survival strategy in the gap.

Fortunately, the kitchen equipment itself is not a high-tech product. At present, the equipment, technology and materials used by domestic high-tech kitchen equipment manufacturers are not far behind the "foreign" brand. What they lack is only in product design and style innovation. The price difference between the two is large enough to offset the advantages of the "foreign" brand in design. Meanwhile, the kitchen equipment is a customized product with market share. Under the current situation of not high and big difference of consumer demand in regional market, "foreign" brand can not form an advantage in a short time if it wants to shorten the supply cycle and stabilize the supply cost.
At the same time, the labor cost of domestic enterprises is much lower than that of foreign enterprises, and Chinese kitchen equipment manufacturers have obvious cost advantages. For example, the labor cost of German kitchenware manufacturers is several times higher than that of Chinese enterprises. Although they use mechanized production to reduce the cost, they still cannot compare with Chinese enterprises. The same configuration and process must be processed. Foreign brand kitchenware will cost 1-2 times more than Chinese brand kitchenware.

Of course, we must face up to the competition focus of the industry, i.e. the development and design ability of products, and the domestic brands generally need to be improved; in terms of marketing services, domestic brands should continue to increase the content of services, making unremitting efforts in all aspects such as contact, measurement, design, process quality, etc., paying attention to details and cost management, and strengthening the short delivery time of local brand kitchen equipment. With the advantages of timely maintenance and more considerate service, the company has won the continuous cost-effective advantage of Chinese local brand kitchen equipment, catching up with and surpassing the gap of foreign brands.