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Maintenance of kitchen equipment

Release time:2019-10-23 14:37:23 Clicks:
1. Do not wash the cabinet with water, usually wipe it with wet towel or neutral detergent.
2. It is not allowed to use sharp objects to carve countertops and door panels.
3. Do not use corrosive detergent.
4. Clean in time to avoid accumulation of scale.

Kitchen equipment maintenance refers to a service work for all equipment in the kitchen in case of problems. It can be divided into household kitchen equipment maintenance and commercial kitchen equipment maintenance. These maintenance services are of a certain technical nature, most of which need professional personnel. Next, I will explain the two major categories of kitchen equipment products, domestic and commercial. The maintenance of household kitchen equipment mainly includes the maintenance of gas equipment, electromagnetic furnace, range hood, cabinet, smoke exhaust pipe, water pool, soymilk machine, juicer, rice cooker and other equipment. As a family use, gas equipment is mainly for the maintenance of gas stoves, most of which are bought from the market, with many brands. Such products are mainly for the maintenance of stove cores. In case of problems, cut off the air source first. If there is a manual, replace it according to the above instructions. Otherwise, ask professional personnel for maintenance. When there is a problem with the electromagnetic furnace equipment, first cut off the power supply and call the professional after-sales personnel to repair it. Never disassemble it for repair without permission. The general maintenance principle is that when you don't understand it, you can't dismantle it randomly, and make a fool of yourself, resulting in unnecessary losses. No matter whether you know it or not, don't dismantle the equipment that hasn't passed the warranty period, and find the after-sales personnel to solve it in time. The maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment is more complex, mainly because it involves a wide range of products, there are many adverse conditions during maintenance. Its products include stove series, worktable, water pool and other conditioning equipment series, noodle machine, slicer and other cooking machinery series, smoke exhaust system such as smoke stove and oil fume purifier, refrigeration and heat preservation series such as freezer, disinfection cabinet and water heater. Commercial kitchen equipment is generally an integral kitchen equipment project. Therefore, the overall safety, coordination, aesthetics and other factors should be taken into account during maintenance. Therefore, this kind of maintenance must be operated by professionals. These products are generally applicable to the catering industry. In order not to affect the normal operation in the daytime, night construction is required. In case of any problem, it is necessary to find after-sales personnel in time to explain the problem and construction time. Cost calculation of kitchen equipment maintenance. One is a special kitchen equipment maintenance company, which is responsible for these work 24 hours a day. The cost includes parts cost, labor cost, transportation cost, profit, etc. For different regions, the cost varies greatly. The other is the manufacturer of these equipment, with special after-sales service personnel. This kind of maintenance cost is lower than the former, and free maintenance is required during the warranty period; after the warranty period, only parts, labor, transportation and other costs are charged, and the price of parts is also lower. Therefore, the latter should be selected in maintenance. In addition to the limitation of service life, the maintenance of kitchen equipment is mostly caused by improper operation or lack of maintenance. Generally, after use, the garbage shall be cleaned in time to keep dry and clean. For stainless steel products, avoid contact with substances with strong acid and alkali. For some mechanical equipment, except for cleaning, cut off the power supply when not in use. The smoke exhaust system shall regularly clean the oil fume and replace the oil net. As long as we usually pay attention to its maintenance, the frequency of kitchen equipment maintenance will be greatly reduced.