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How to choose kitchen equipment

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1. The main body of kitchenware is upper and lower cabinets and vertical cabinets. The unit of price for upper and lower cabinets is calculated per meter, and the unit of price for vertical cabinets is calculated only. There are also custom-made cabinets. When you choose a certain brand of kitchenware, you pay a certain amount of deposit. The designers of the shop or manufacturer can come to the door and calculate the price according to the size of the kitchen's room type, after measuring the design drawing, and the customer thinks that the production can be carried out after they are satisfied. Then customers pay in full at the store or factory. At the appointed time, professional personnel will come to the door for installation.

2. The accessories of kitchen utensils include sink, faucet, gas stove, range hood, dishwasher, garbage can, seasoning cabinet, etc. you can buy them by yourself or ask the designer to buy them on behalf of you for overall consideration.

3. The selection of kitchenware should focus on quality, function, color and other factors. The products shall be wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, fire-proof, bacteria proof and static proof. The basic requirements of beauty, practicality and convenience should be considered in the design.

Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of energy-saving stoves

Here are several methods for your reference:
1. Understand thermal efficiency: thermal efficiency is an important indicator to measure whether a stove is energy-saving. The gas industry uses this indicator to measure whether a stove is energy-saving, and it must be subject to the test report issued by a professional third party. Generally, energy-saving stoves with a thermal efficiency of more than 70% are a good choice.

2. Energy saving rate: energy saving rate is the concern of many customers. Many manufacturers will make a big deal on this data. In fact, the test data should prevail. Generally, the energy saving rate of large stoves is good when it is over 40%.

3. Exhaust emission: carbon monoxide produced by combustion is harmful to human body and the environment. The standard in China is no more than 0.1%. The smaller the value, the better.

4. Noise: noise is also a kind of pollution. A good energy-saving stove has low noise.

5. Temperature of smoke exhaust port: This is a very simple test method. The temperature of the smoke exhaust port of a good energy-saving stove is very low, while the general smoke exhaust port of the stove is not close at all.

Selection of range hood
The range hood is an essential product to ensure the cooking function of the kitchen. In order to ensure that the smoke exhaust meets the environmental protection standard, there must be a range hood purifier. There are mainly water curtain, electrostatic type and UV purification system. The sewage shall be discharged through the sewage oil separator, after solid waste and oil are separated, it will enter the sewer. The kitchen environment is relatively closed. The fresh air system must be set to ensure the gas safety and improve the working environment and smoke exhaust effect of the kitchen.
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