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Kitchen details

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1. "Squeeze dry" corner easy to use: corner storage cabinet
The corner of the kitchen is often ignored. In fact, the connection frame, built-in pull ring or corner drawer can be designed completely, so that the corner can be added to the storage team. Not only make full use of the space, because it's close to the cooking area, it's very easy to pick up and pull out the items.

2. Avoid head butting and secure operation: lift type cupboard
If you bump your head against the open door of the cupboard, you will feel angry. The traditional hanging cabinet mostly adopts the flat pull type. When opening the cabinet door, it not only takes up the space, but also affects the normal cooking operation. The lift type hanging cabinet solves this problem, and it is more convenient to find the things in the hanging cabinet.

3. Quiet cooking and hearing enjoyment: damping drawer, embedded rubber particles
More and more people like to install sound and TV in the kitchen, so that their cooking time can also be accompanied by sound effects. Then, the less noise such as closing the cabinet door and drawer, the better. When the damping drawer is full of items, it can be closed automatically with the aid of the buffer of the slide rail, which is smooth and soothing, and naturally avoids the sound of items bumping each other in the "belly".

The part of the door panel contacting with the box body can also be fully anti-collision depending on the embedded rubber particles. From the surface, it is completely integrated with the box body, beautiful and practical.

4. Open the door and close it gently: stop the hydraulic strut at will.
Hydraulic strut and stop strut at will can adjust the strength of strut according to the weight of door panel. The door panel can stop at any angle at will, and the opening of door panel is silent. It should be noted that two struts should be used.

5. Easy to find: drawer cabinet
After the large capacity cabinet is changed from the door type to the drawer type, the drawers that are directly pulled out can make the objects in it clear at a glance. It is not necessary to squat down as often as the door type cabinet is used. It is necessary to grope for the objects from the large cabinet with insufficient light.

6. Drawer anti-skid safety: drawer anti-skid pad, safety lock drawer guardrail and separator
Instant performance: drawer anti-skid pad can avoid noise caused by drawer pushing and pulling, protect drawer bottom plate and easy to clean. The drawer will lock automatically when it is closed, which can prevent children from touching the instruments that are easy to cause injury. Drawer rails and dividers greatly increase the convenience of taking things.

7. Functional isolation washing area expansion washing: large sink, expansion faucet
Instant performance: there is a drain basket on the sink that can be temporarily placed to wash or wash the utensils. Don't worry about mixing them with the articles being washed.
Elastic and stretchable faucet can help you wash all kinds of fruits and vegetables at close range.

8. Follow the chart to measure food: electronic scale
Many recipes have the same amount of meat and seasoning. A small scale can solve the problem.

9. The lighting in the area is easy to handle: induction lamp
In addition to the traditional up and down lighting, the cabinet lighting is more user-friendly: drawing on the induction technology similar to the refrigerator, as long as the drawer or cabinet door is opened, the light inside will be on, which is convenient to access things and very power-saving.

10. Litter at will to save energy: under the sink
Instant performance: hands are busy choosing dishes, and have to look around for trash cans. Open the cupboard door under the sink, and the trash can has automatically slid out along the slide rail, throwing garbage at you.

11. Height adjustment: adjustable lifting table
The table that can be lifted and lowered freely by hydraulic pressure can be called "universal table". When preparing food, the height should be between 850mm and 900mm. When eating, people are usually used to the height of 750mm. When greeting friends at the bar, people prefer a higher height. They can stand or sit on a high stool, which is more casual.

12. Refuse lampblack to protect skin: intelligent lampblack machine
Instant performance: the air volume of the range hood can be adjusted with a slight press in the distance; "delayed shutdown" function can automatically shut down the kitchen after the residual oil smoke is exhausted to protect the skin.

13. Groove design and protection cabinet: mesa storage ditch and drain ditch
It can prevent water from flowing to the door panel, extend the service life of the cabinet, and ensure that you don't dirty your clothes when cooking.

14. Widen the operation platform to reduce the burden: rear operation platform
If the hanging cabinet above the pool is not designed in accordance with ergonomics, it will be very difficult to take and place the items. In fact, according to the owner's cooking habits, the width of the pool can be widened, and then the extended width can be used as the back console, while reducing the height of the hanging cabinet. Although only changing this point can reduce the intensity of work to a very low level.

15. Flexible access to protect spine: pull out storage cabinet
Bending too much in the kitchen can lead to spine fatigue, and the full pull-out storage basket can make you easily take and put cooking supplies. Life is just a pleasure.
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