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The trend of kitchen

Release time:2019-10-23 14:18:23 Clicks:
1. Simple form
One of the main characteristics of minimalism kitchen is its simple form. Its expression is mainly reflected in the simple straight line, horizontal and vertical, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, and emphasizing the open sense of space with simple straight line. Because there are many linear designs and strong sense of space, people feel comfortable and fresh in them.

2. Practical function
When it comes to simple kitchen, it doesn't mean that we should give in to the practical functions of the kitchen. Since it's a simple style, we will abandon all unnecessary complicated branches in the design of the kitchen, leaving very essential functions. In addition to the basic functions of storage, washing and cooking, it's hard to find other unnecessary things in the kitchen. The practical tools such as knives and forks are just for housewives. Basic needs, not many tools that people can't tell how to use.

In the eyes of the simple people, the tedious functions are omitted, the design of the bottom cabinet also abandons the traditional form of standing on the ground, and the pipelines of water, electricity and gas are all hidden in the wall.

3. Cold color
Each style has its own representative color, and the cold color is the representative color of minimalism, which is closely related to the birthplace of minimalism in northern Europe. The trees in northern Europe are light in material color due to the cold weather, people's life is comfortable and simple, household appliances are less decorated, and the simple cold color becomes a representative language of minimalism.

There are two kinds of log colors used in the simple kitchen, one is to use solid wood without coloring, to show people with its own log color, the other is to use high-grade fireproof board with log texture. Log color can reflect the natural beauty of wood itself, highlight the design of furniture, and outline a clean and comfortable kitchen environment through simple lines in the atmosphere of log color.

4. Diversified materials
Wood, fire-proof board and stone are the basic materials in the cabinet. In the camp of minimalism, we can see the new pet of post-modern, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, high-density glass, etc., which enriches the combination of the kitchen world and many practical functions, such as waterproof, scratch resistant, fresh, transparent, etc.

According to the code for design of residential buildings (gb50096-2011), the kitchen shall be equipped with washing pool, table, stove, range hood, water heater and other facilities or reserved for them.