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Kitchen design style

Release time:2019-10-23 14:21:58 Clicks:
1. Classical kitchen
Classical style kitchen has very high requirements for production technology and manual work, among which the most prominent is its cabinet. Classical ambry from different log color and grain, make it modelling elegant beautiful, abound in change. The decorative patterns designed on the pure solid wood frame and door panel use a lot of geometric figures, all of which are carved by hand, and then painted and polished by hand.

2. Country style kitchen
Simple, quiet and even with some rural flavor of the "rural" design is increasingly becoming a fashion trend. The country style cabinet is like this, highlighting the comfort and freedom of life. Especially in the color selection, the natural, nostalgic and rich soil fragrant color has become a typical feature of rural style.

3. Modern style kitchen
Relying on new materials, new technological elements and infinite changes of light and shadow, the pursuit of unconventional space deconstruction, bold use of contrasting colors, as well as the combination of rigid and flexible materials, this is a modern style kitchen.

4. Simple style kitchen
The life philosophy of minimalism generally exists in the current popular culture. The most important feature of a simple kitchen is its simple form. Reflected in the kitchen design, most of them are simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, emphasizing the open sense of space with simple straight lines, and the simple style cabinet emphasizes the supremacy of function, and the form obeys the function. The color is cold and refreshing.
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