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Differences between eastern and Western kitchens

Release time:2019-10-23 14:17:34 Clicks:
Western kitchens are famous for their beauty, tidiness and cleanness. With the entrance of some western whole kitchen brands, western style kitchen is becoming more and more popular in China.

1. The opening of "embarrassment"
When designing the kitchen of private residence, the designer should combine the advantages of western style configuration with the needs of traditional Chinese food and cooking habits to form a modern and classical Chinese kitchen.

2. Middle island in dilemma
Central island can be said to be a major feature of Western kitchens, that is, the cooking or cooking table that originally stood aside is placed in the center of the kitchen, and the family can be scattered in the four sides of central island to enjoy the fun of cooking together. In addition to cooking tables, Nakajima can also provide a place for small family gatherings. But if Chinese families set the cooking stove on the island worktable, when the oil pan starts, the oil smoke splashes all over the place. After a meal, the island worktable and even the nearby ground are very greasy. Therefore, for the Chinese people, the island type work table is best only used as the operation platform, and a large fire stove eye is placed in other areas to cook Chinese food.

3. Sink with insufficient height
Western sinks are usually double sinks, which can wash dishes at the same time, because they wash flat dishes, so the height of the sink is only 150 mm. But the tableware and cooking utensils that Chinese people are used to are very thick and large, so in the past few years, Chinese people generally only choose single trough. According to the use of Chinese people, many manufacturers produce large capacity double grooves with a height of 180mm to avoid water splashing out.

4. Dishwasher with "right and wrong"
Westerners are used to using the embedded dishwasher in the kitchen. Most of their tableware are very flat plates, plates, and less grease, so it is very convenient and convenient to use the dishwasher. But when dishwashers came into China, they caused a lot of criticism. Dishwasher sold on the market mostly adopts spray type washing brush, and the washing point can't be all over the wall. But Chinese tableware is mainly used to hold staple food, so it is difficult to clean the bottom of the bowl. And wash time is too long, plus drying, disinfection and other procedures, the whole process takes about an hour. Obviously, Chinese people are more willing to solve problems directly by their own hands.

5. Range hood of "Chinese innovation"
The range hood is 100% foreign. Westerners usually use electric cookers such as electromagnetic ovens and microwave ovens for cooking. There is no open fire, and there is little oil smoke. Any range hood can be used to clean the smoke. Therefore, their range hood is generally ceiling style. However, the cooking habits of Chinese families are mostly frying under the gas and exploding under the fire, which produces a lot of oil smoke. The traditional European ceiling machine can not meet the use needs completely, so we must choose the improved Chinese range hood.