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Kitchen taboos

Release time:2019-10-23 13:35:16 Clicks:
(1) water and fire should not cross. The water here refers to the toilet and the fire to the kitchen. Ancient books have a cloud: water and fire do not leave a cross line. It means that there should be no kitchen or toilet at the front, back, left and right of the house and at the center of the house.

(2) the kitchen area should not be less than 4 square meters, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the basic operation requirements.

(3) knives and sharp tools in the kitchen shall not be exposed. All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives should not be hung on the wall, or inserted in the knife holder, and should be put into the drawer. Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi.

(4) the mirror should not be hung in the kitchen, especially the mirror can not shine on the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove, and the food in the pot is illuminated, the damage is especially great. This is called "Tianmen fire", which will make the house suffer fire or misfortune. Although this statement is a little absolute, it is true that it will make people uneasy.

(5) do not put the washing machine in the kitchen. Some people will put the washing machine in the kitchen, which is not good. The ancients regarded the kitchen as the place of the kitchen king, which is very sacred. Cleaning unclean clothes in the kitchen affects luck.

(6) avoid the opposite of the toilet. Gas stoves are not allowed to face toilet toilets, nor to face toilet toilets, although partition walls are not allowed.

(7) the stove shall not be directly adjacent to the sink and refrigerator. The water vapor produced by the sink and refrigerator conflicts with the fire gas of the gas stove. So gas stove should not be close to sink or refrigerator. The two should not be connected, and the middle should be separated by a cooking table to prevent water and fire from colliding.
(8) the kitchen cannot be set between bedrooms. The kitchen must not be set between two bedrooms, forming the potential of two competing kitchens. In addition, various pipelines such as gas and water and electricity are densely distributed in the kitchen, which is very dangerous, and also produces a lot of dirt and waste gas, which is naturally harmful to the people living in the bedrooms on both sides. The kitchen above the compound residence cannot be the bedroom, which is harmful to health.

(9) the stove should not face the door or the window. You can't see the stove directly when you enter the door, especially if there are windows behind the stove. The stove is a source of food for three meals. Fengshui emphasizes that "the eater, Lu Yi", that is to say, the stove is the wealth of a family. The stove should not be windy, because when the wind comes, the fire is easy to extinguish, unable to retain wealth and safety. So it is not suitable to face the door or the window.

(10) the kitchen should not be equipped with toilet or worker's room.