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Kitchen layout taboo

Release time:2019-10-23 13:37:45 Clicks:
1. The stove in the kitchen should not be opposite to the door - the main woman is not healthy, has gastrointestinal disease, is not rich, has a headache.

2. The stove in the kitchen is not suitable for the refrigerator - the owner's health is not good, and six parents often take medicine.

3. The stove in the kitchen should not be against the bedroom door - the master should be out of harmony, grumpy and neurotic.

4. The kitchen appliances cannot be placed mostly - the main residents suffer from backache, headache and stomachache.

5. The balcony walkway should not be opposite to the stove - the owner is not rich, backache and high blood pressure.

6. The kitchen should not be completely closed in the room - at least one side of the kitchen should face the open place (such as balcony, patio, backyard, etc.), and should not be closed or in the center of the room. This kind of situation is common after the house is built by oneself. It was originally built in the kitchen behind the house. After it was built in the back, it became the middle part of the house, which not only hindered the health, but also affected the family transportation.

7. The kitchen should not be set between bedrooms - the kitchen should not be set between two bedrooms. This taboo is not good for people living in bedrooms on both sides.

8. Don't wash clothes in the kitchen - some people will put the washing machine in the kitchen, which is not good, because the ancients regarded the kitchen as the place of the kitchen king, which is very sacred. Cleaning unclean clothes in the kitchen affects luck.

9. The fire in the house makes the house fall in the middle -- the kitchen should not be built in front of the house. It is forbidden to let the fire go out, or the house will fall in the middle.
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