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How to do a good job of kitchen sanitation (2)

Release time:2019-10-23 13:34:27 Clicks:
4. Oil removal
It is difficult to clean up the oil pollution in the kitchen. Here are several methods:
(1) when a little vinegar is added to the mop and then the ground is dragged, the oil stain on the ground can be removed.
(2) it is difficult to remove the oil stains on the cement ground. For example, the dry grass and wood ashes are mixed into paste with water, and then evenly spread on the ground overnight, and then washed repeatedly with water, the cement ground can be renewed.
(3) it is easy to remove the oil stains on the ground when the burned coal ash is mixed with laundry to paint the ground.
(4) it is easy to get greasy dirt on the liquefied gas stove, and it is easy to wash off the greasy dirt when washing with alkaline water; it is not clean when washing with clean water. Use the thick rice soup to smear on the stove, and remove the scabs together. In addition, it can be washed directly with rice soup or noodle soup, or with fishless bone.
(5) it is difficult to clean the oil stains on the glass with paper or cloth. First, wipe it with alkaline detergent, then apply sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution on the glass, and then wipe it with cloth after half an hour, the glass will become clean.

5. Reduce lampblack
According to experts' verification, kitchen lampblack has a direct relationship with the temperature of cooking oil: when the oil is heated to more than 200 ℃, acrolein, the main component of lampblack, is generated, which has a strong pungent taste, strong stimulation to nose, eyes and throat mucosa, and can cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, laryngitis and tracheitis; when the oil is burned to "spit out fire", the oil temperature is more than 300 ℃, except for the production of In addition to acrolein, it can also produce agglomerates, leading to chronic poisoning, which is easy to induce respiratory and digestive system cancer.
First move: change the cooking habit of "stir fry in a hurry". Don't overheat the oil temperature. The oil temperature should not exceed 200 ℃ (the limit is the smoke in the oil pan). This can not only reduce the "oil smoke syndrome", but also effectively preserve the vitamins in the dishes.
Step 2: it's the best oil without repeated cooking. Some housewives in order to save some oil, fried fish, fried ribs used oil repeatedly used also do not discard, but it also contains a lot of carcinogens. The repeatedly heated cooking oil, such as the cooking oil used for frying food for many times, not only contains carcinogens, but also the oil smoke produced by it contains more carcinogens, causing greater harm.
The 3rd move: must do well the ventilation of the kitchen. The kitchen should always keep the natural ventilation, and at the same time install the lampblack machine with good performance and effect. In the cooking process, always turn on the range hood, and turn off the range hood 10 minutes after cooking.
Step 4: try to use steaming, boiling, frying and other cooking methods. This can not only reduce the consumption of edible oil, but also reduce the destruction of food nutrients.