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How to do a good job of kitchen sanitation (1)

Release time:2019-10-23 13:32:20 Clicks:
Kitchen is the difficulty and key point in home cleaning. It is very important to do well in the sanitation of this place.

1. Basic requirements
In the family cleaning, the kitchen sanitation takes the main position. The kitchen sanitation includes food sanitation, tableware sanitation, storage sanitation, personal sanitation, kitchen environmental sanitation and kitchen utensils sanitation. Whether the kitchen sanitation is related to people's health or not, as the saying goes, "diseases come from the mouth." The disease here refers to the impact of contaminated food on human health. Good kitchen sanitation should start from the following aspects:
(1) keep the environment inside and outside the kitchen clean, pay attention to ventilation and air release, and clean the dirt and garbage in time.
(2) kitchen furniture, cookware and tableware should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Put in order.
(3) all kinds of seasonings, fresh vegetables and meat shall be properly stored to prevent the flavor from deteriorating.

2. Cleaning of tableware
(1) the washing order is: first wash the tableware without oil, then wash the tableware with oil. Wash small dishes first, then big ones, and then pots and pans. It is difficult to wash the greasy tableware with detergent. It can be repeatedly scrubbed with detergent.
(2) generally, the disinfection methods of tableware are scalding, boiling, bleaching and steaming. Boiling disinfection is an ideal method for family disinfection: first put the cleaned tableware into a boiling pot and boil for about 10 minutes. It can kill ordinary bacteria.
(3) placement of tableware. Tableware should be placed in different categories: bowl and bowl together, and tableware of the same type should be placed in order of size and shape to avoid collision.
(4) cleaning of cooking utensils. Iron cooking utensils are easy to rust. Put them under the tap immediately after use and brush them with a bamboo broom. If there is a fishy smell in the iron pot, you can add water to the pot and put some vegetable leaves in it. Generally, you can remove the fishy smell by boiling until it is washed away.

3. Cleaning of cutting tools and chopping board
(1) after the knife is used up, it shall be wiped with a clean cloth and placed in a dry and safe place to avoid personal injury: if it is not used for a long time, the surface shall be coated with a layer of butter.
(2) if the vegetable board is easy to use wood, it shall be scraped clean after use to prevent mildew.