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Classification of kitchen equipment

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The functional areas of the kitchen in the catering industry are divided into: main food warehouse, non-staple food warehouse, dry goods warehouse, curing room, pasta room, snack room, cold dish room, vegetable primary processing room, meat and aquatic product processing room, garbage room, cutting and matching room, loading area, cooking area, cooking area, catering area, selling and passing area, dining area.

1. Hot kitchen area: gas frying stove, rice steaming cabinet, soup stove, cooker, steaming cabinet, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, oven;
2. Storage equipment: it is divided into food storage part, flat shelf, rice noodle cabinet, loading table, etc., utensils storage part, seasoning cabinet, sales workbench, various bottom cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decoration cabinets, etc.
3. Washing and disinfection equipment: cold and hot water supply system, drainage equipment, wash basin, dishwasher, high-temperature disinfection cabinet, etc., waste disposal equipment generated in kitchen operation after washing, food waste crusher and other equipment;
4. Conditioning equipment: mainly the table for conditioning, tools and utensils for finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients and preparation;
5. Food machinery: mainly noodle machine, blender, slicer, egg beater, etc.
6. Refrigeration equipment: cold drink machine, ice maker, freezer, refrigerator, etc.
7. Transportation equipment: elevator, food elevator, food elevator, etc.

Kitchen equipment can also be divided into household and commercial according to the purpose. Household kitchen equipment refers to the equipment used in the family kitchen, while commercial kitchen equipment refers to the kitchen equipment used in the catering industry such as hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. Because of the high frequency of use, the corresponding commercial kitchen equipment is large in volume, large in power and heavy in price.

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