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Meat/Poultry Dicing Machine

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Name:Meat/Poultry Dicing Machine
Characteristic:The whole body is made of high quality stainless steel,the steel plate thickness is high strength cage fuselage compact structure,the surface polishing and brushed wire treatment,adopt optimized sanitary design,convenient cleaning。
Machine blade is stainless steel material,special quenching process,sharp durability,real food mechanical blade。
Machine adopts the double edge cuttingcooperate closelyfirmingblade,indepe ndent knife group,free to remove noise reduction high strength nylon gearand does not damage food fibreedge smooth and fresh,the meat bao houuniform consistent high quality completely different from the existing market on crowded,tension,torsion,etc, with a fixed switching the machine can realize universal brake caster and convenient to no flesh and similar pickle resilient food cut into thin shreds