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Stainless steel eat desk and chair

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Name:Stainless steel eat desk and chair
Characteristic:The table counters are made ofposco stainless steel plate, andthe hair lines are processed.Mesa thickness 1.2mm, two sides round Angle,platform bottom frame USES 25x25x.0mm(0.8 mm thick) stainless steel control to do, the horizontal tube USES 25x50x.2mm bottom frame; The word foot stand is 450X50X1. Stainless steel,stool plate adopt engineering plastic chair,stool under the tap board adopts 160x160x20mm forming iron,iron pipe and stool panel connection,all iron using two anti-corrosion,and then use the silver paint,USES the rubber feetset four feet. Beautiful exterior,reasonable design,strong and durable。

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