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Rice production line

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Name:Rice production line
Characteristic:Use the most scientific and reasonable for cooking rice technology,provide customerswith real color,delicate aroma,taste delicious rice;
To guarantee the quality of the cook a meal at the same time, and constantly introduce advancedtechnology,using water-saving washing rice,effective energy-saving three-dimensional boring mealsstructure,innovation of drawer,wandering loose rice machine,fully embodies the concept of safety,energysaving,environmental protection,high efficiency,decrease operation cost, and the world advanced levelsynchronization。
Reasonable configuration,flexible combination,effortless,provinci al people automatically andcontinuously,it is a ideal equipment in the mass production of high quality rice;
Have a variety of rice,washing machine,water filling machine for customers to choose,meet the demand ofdifferent scale feeding,ensure the quality of cook a meal,reduce operating costs.
And recycle of waste heat for cooking rice machine,heating the water used to wash the pot,after bothenergy saving and environmental Protection.

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